If you like to play from crystal clean to dirty blues, surf, country, with amazing reverb and an amazing hot tone this one will blow your mind, guaranteed !


- This beauty sounds as good as it looks -Based in the old Princeton but with much more features and improved circuit design. It can sound crystal clear or with an amazing warm crunch, amazing HUGE DEEP tube Surf reverb and a really unique Bias Vibrato. It also have a switch OFF/ON for a power attenuator and a pot to control the final power, so you can play in your bedroom and crunch it at very low volume keeping all the tone ! Also it comes with a BLACKFACE/TWEED switch that gives you the best clean tones ever and the best overdrive SRV style ever, all in one box. Some producers left us their feedback and said that this is the best tube amp ever made for studio recordings, because it is so quiet and keeps the tone like no other at low volume. This amp sounds really incredible and made to last a lifetime, Don't miss it !!! 

* 35w of pure tube vintage tone with attenuator OFF/ON to reduce it's power.
* Surf tube reverb, Bias Vibrato, Mid control added, Crystal Tone switch, Master Attenuator pot.
* Blackface / tweed: 2 modes switch for clean/saturation
* Footswitch for REVERB & VIBRATO included
* 12" Eminence ceramic Speaker or Jensen 12" alnico Blackbird (+100€) 
* Amazing finger jointed selected solid pine wood for a perfect tone
* High quality selected components and super-transformers 
* GZ34 Rectifier , 2x6L6gc, 1x 12at7, 3x 12axt matched premium tubes
* matching blue tolex reverb padded anti-feedback bag.
* Made to last a lifetime !!!
* It accepts any kind of 8 pin power tubes ! 6L6, 6V6, EL34, KT-77, KT66 etc...  
* This amp is completely NOISELESS, just perfect for studio etc... you can't even tell when is ON ! 
* 100% handmade with the best components
* You can also order this amp with less wattage 18-20w if you are going to use it more in studio, or small places you won't need more power probably.
* you can also order it in many different colours just ask ! 

This amp is a very light weight small amp but with tons of power, just perfect for any kind of stage, it sounds HUGE, with loads of round big fat bottom and sparkle crystal clear top end, you can play it so clean and so loud or crunch it at any volume, it works really awesome with pedals too, and it has an incredible active EQ that will deliver any kind of tone you could ever imagine. From Blues to Country pickin' , etc... a real WORKHORSE, you will love this one, come over and try it out !!! 
- Europe: 2000€ - Free shipping
- U.S.A. : $2430 - Free shipping

- Payment : Bank transfer
- Delivery estimated time: It normally takes 8-9 weeks max 
- 2 Year Warranty: except tubes.