This amp is inspired by a vintage legendary Princeton circuit but we added much more power, 12" speaker, MIDRANGE control and tube surf reverb plus some great mods that will make it even warmer and with tons of dynamics. It sounds really AMAZING AND HUGE, very clean and it crunches beautifully when you play it loud, a real workhorse for small, medium or even big stages, perfect for almost any kind of style, from country clean chicken pickin' to blues, it works awesome also with pedals and any kind of guitar, with single coils or even humbuckers, the negative feedback switch can make this amp even more wild and get SRV tones out of it, also it has a switch that converts the blackface circuit into real TWEED circuit , on this mode, the amp goes wild and squeeze the power tubes to the limit, making it sound so wild, aggressive and crunchy, like a proper BLUES LEGEND. Very easy to use, MASSIVE VINTAGE TONE and lots of power all the way ! Not many amps out there are this versatile and sound this good, a real Nº1 in many many ways, it is like having a big twin amp or super reverb in a small box and with much more features and sound possibilities, you will be delighted every time you take it on stage or even at home as it is pretty noiseless, just awesome quality with military specs, this is a real workhorse, the amp you will take to all your gigs and studio recording for it's amazing sound and versatility, quiet and small reduced size, made to last a lifetime !

* 40 Watts of pure 6L6 Valve awesome tone, loud power inside this little box,   also it can be ordered with different power, from 0w up to 60w !!! 
* 100% Handmade point to point with the best boutique components
* Classic design one channel with our Tube Surf Reverb built in, with matching tolex handmade  anti-feedback cover for the tank, amazing organic tube vibrato, 3 modes switch for an amazing versatility: Blackface, Silverface and tweed (for crazy gain and blues tone), Full huge active EQ range,  inputs HOT & COLD (suitable for singles, humbuckers and any kind of pedals)

* Premium matched high-grade military selected tubes 

* Superb solid pine cabinet matched with oscilloscope for a perfect resonance
* 2 button pedal for reverb and vibrato 

* Custom high quality amp cover 

* NOW -- BUILT IN our POWER ATTENUATOR with switch OFF/ON. This is perfect if you want to crunch your amp at bedroom volume 

* 12" Eminence ceramic speaker or Jensen alnico Blackbird 12"  depending on your style and taste

-- You can choose any other tolex and grill color with no extra cost.

-- Add Tilt Back legs +100€ / $110

-- You can order it in 8" , 10", 2x10" ,1x12" or 1x15" ask...  


Pusing the tubes a bit and using the attenuator...

Just trying out the tube REVERB built into the new Sweet blackberry amp, this thing has Reverb for days and nice Tremolo too... no pedals needed, just a telecaster and a dodgy cable and my iphone, no mic used hehe ?

Quick demo



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  • $3160 USD delivered ! it comes with all the extras . tilt back legs and attenuator built in :-)
  • Estimated delivery: it normally takes 8-10 weeks maximum
  • 2 Year Warranty
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