This is an incredible unique amp, there's nothing like this out there. It has an old '69 marshall plexi circuit, it sounds exactly the same but we've added some amazing features  that make the amp incredibly versatile, powerful and much more... We've installed an extra valve to add more gain to the original circuit, this valve can be switched off/on with the push-pull pot or with the pedal and it has a pot to add the amount of gain you like to the amp, it is a very uncolored gain so it keeps the valve tone all the way.

 Also it comes with a power scaling or attenuator that works amazingly like master volume but preserving all the tube tone, so you can play at home or in a little stage with the same kind of tone that when you are playing loud, just perfect considering that this amp can delivery some crazy serious HIGH-GAIN , probably more than any other you ever heard. Amazing round HUGE BASS low end, TONS OF BALLS !!! 

And the most incredible thing wich makes this amp so unique is the NOISE CONTROL © , it's a very special complex circuit design that took us a while to make it happen but now it is already alive and kickin' . This pot literary gets rid of all background noises, hum etc... of the amp, splits the signal in two, so it just let pass your guitar signal and leaves the noise apart, real magic, if you adjust it right, it won't kill your guitar signal like a noise gate would do and it is a complete uncolored circuit and keeps the tone of your amp intact. This means that you can play with real HIGH-GAIN and when you stop playing you won't get that annoying SHHHHHHHHHHHH like any other high gain amp would do, you never will find this feature in any other amp on the market, it is absolutely a mind blowing "thing". We can guarantee you that this one will drive you CRAZY in a very good way...

Pure ROCK TONE, that's it !

* 50W/100w with POWER SCALING pot to reduce the power and keeping all the tone.
* 2xEL34 Premium matched tubes  (also it works amazing too with any other 8 pin tubes, like 6L6, KT77, ETC...) 12ax7 tubes for the pre-amp
* High quality components, transformers, etc...
* Solid pine wood Combo 1x12", 2x12" or head with custom british style handmade speaker , you can choose color, tolex, grill style you like
* CRYSTAL CLEAN SWITCH, this is not a bright switch, it is a special extra circuit that adds amazing cristal clean sound, The big difference with standard bright switches is that with this one you can even set the volume pot on full and it will still work !
* you can order it as a combo or head version
* Multi Ohm 4,8,16 Ohms
* external speaker output
* Footswitch incl for the high gain pre-amp and channel switching 
* 3 modes preamp distortion:
  OLD-PLEXI: sounds like old style plexis with sweet creamy distortion
  HAIR-ROD: more aggressive and modern with lots of punch and volume
  HOT-ROD: very compressed, with less volume than the other 2 but with endless sustain and warm tone, perfect for guitar heroes
* REVERB: you can order this beauty with our famous TUBE SURF REVERB built in, 6 spring extra-long
custom tank with a handmade matching tolex anti feedback cover for the best rocking tones.
* BITE: this control is very sensitive and effective and it gives tons of bite to your distortion, very useful when you are playing in a loud band, it makes your solos stand up above everything.
* Preamp- VOL: just perfect to match the vol of the distortion with the clean sound, also very useful to saturate even more the clean channel, it can get ridiculous amount of high-gain !!! 
* no fuses, it has RESET BUTTONS so you don't have to carry with fuses anymore  



* Add our famous TUBE SURF REVERB for only: +390€ / +$390 -
* Add Tube FX loop with true BYPASS switch and level pots for SEND AND RETURN , also it can be use as a Line OUT for only 170€ / $190
* We can build this beauty ready to kick ass with crazy power 100w. Head  +250€ / +$280

* You can ask for many different options:  colors, control panel customized with your name, etc... most of this custom options have NO extra-cost.

 Estimated construction-delivery time 8-9 weeks. We ship worldwide via private agency like FEDEX or UPS, sorry we don't accept PAYPAL, only bank transfer, thanks !

The Super Plexi Rock Amp
  • The Super Plexi Rock Amp

The Super Plexi Rock Amp

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