Every guitarist's dream, A Bassman 5f6a and a legendary PLEXI, all in one amp, just switch it between  BASSMAN MODE or PLEXI MODE, so nice, so simple, so UNIQUE !
- No explanation needed for this one, just 2 of the most legendary amps in one head, perfect if you want to use it with pedals or even on it's own, it always sounds great, with lots of dynamics and round bass, it can be crystal clear or crunchy and muddy, from country to rock , you will get everything out of  this little beast...Also you can add lots of custom extra features. It is a very clean amp that can be crunched so nicely when you push it hard, just pure Ole school.

​- If you are a guitarist that normally use pedals for crunch or distortion, then we suggest you to have a just ONE channel amp like this cos you will get much better tone compared with the typical 2 or 3 channel Marshall style amps. 

* 45w all tube amp 1 unique channel 4 linkable Inputs
* Handmade point to point with the best components ever.
* Custom shop handmade transformers by Paco Pascual
* It comes with EL34 tubes but you can order it with 6L6 or KT77 it works great with any kind of these tubes.
* Amazing vintage plexi looking , many colors available with no extra charge !
* Multi Ohm selector
* 2 jack speakers output
* Switch for Bassman or Plexi mode 
* No fuses, incase something goes wrong just press the Reset button !
* Cabinet available in extra small or normal size.
* 5 Years warranty ( except tubes )
* The best price ever , you won't find anything like this .

- You can add a Master attenuator with switch OFF/ON so you can get high gain at bedroom volume or crunch it more easily +120€ / +$135
- For more custom mods like, reverb, Fx Loop etc... just ask ! 


The Plexi-Bassman Amp
  • The Plexi-Bassman Amp

The Plexi-Bassman Amp

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