These are " THE JAMSTERS " 

You always loved your good ole 5e3 but you would love a bit more clean headroom and make it much more compatible with your pedals or any kind of guitar, also this amp is PERFECT for those gigs that you don't want to bring much stuff, just your guitar a good cable and the little amp, as it has an amazing tube ECHO and Tube reverb built in, you can get amazing sounds, fx and  tones out of it, like no other amp, it is really mind blowing !!! 

* Tweed tone style: (Crunch, Creamy distorsion, lots of hi-gain and volume)
- This is perfect for all those who like to jam and don't wanna bring a bunch of pedals, cables etc... if you turn your guitar volume down it sounds clean if you put your guitar volume on full you get a crunch or even lots of High gain distorsion as it has a tube booster built in. If I was a blues player, this amp would be "THE ONE"  

-  40w of power, perfect for studio, small or big stages 
- 1X12" Alnico Jensen Jets blackbird 100w. military specs.
- Any color you like with Tv front or narrow panel, also we can combine colors as shown in the photos .
- Booster included, perfect for your solos !!! 

* PRICE : 1990€ / $2190:  , 1x12" alnico 100w Jensen Jets BB Speaker, Controls: Tone, Vol. Cabinet can be ordered TV front or narrow panel, Custom Color tolex, and custom power reductor included.

- Add our TUBE SURF REVERB: +290€ / +$290
- Add our TUBE ANALOG DELAY: +180€ / +$200
- Add 2 colour tolex cabinet ( like shown in the photos below ) : +60€ / +$90


- Our JAMSTER'S size is like a 5E3, it's weight is around 15 kg / 33 lb. with alnico speaker, if you install a ceramic it will be around 20 kg/ 44 lb. wich is awesome considering that it it can be a real 100w tube amp. Don't let it's size full you, this thing will make the walls of your house shake, with plenty of Big bottom and definition, is like having 2x 4x12" cabinet and a big 100w head in just a little box, come over and try it out... 

The estimated delivery time for this beauty is between 7-9 weeks max. These amps need a very precise job and many hours of work to be build, so please be patience, we always delivery our amps as scheduled,  always with 5 years full warranty !!! 

We normally can't stock these amps cos they go as soon as we build them, treat yourself with a real amp and get the best guitar sound ever !