This pedal is the result of many years playing on stage all kind of  country Tele-pickin' you can imagine,  plugged into all kind of amps, transistor amps, tube amps, even directly to the mixing desk !!!  I have modified tons of circuits until I've got the exact tone that will sound just perfect wherever you plug your guitar, that amazing Country Tele sound that you can hear on the Records and never figured out how to get there !  

If you are looking for a crystal clear un-colored pedal with Blend knob and lots of parameters, this is NOT FOR YOU !

 In fact, this pedal has a ton of color, warmth and organic sound, I'm so proud to say that it has NO BLEND control and that is the key to get this amazing tone and character.

No matter what guitar I've played, pickups, amp etc... to use this pedal was always a MUST for me and most of the times nothing else, just my telecaster and this pedal plugged into "wherever" yeah that's right . Since many many fans and friends asked me so many times about my tone and sound, I've decided to share "THE MAGIC"  with all of you guys, so yes, if you have a Tele guitar and like country pickin' , plug it into this pedal and you are ready to go !!!        - PACO PASCUAL     





- Analog high quality circuit -TRUE- REAL - BYPASS

- It works with any 9V 300ma. DC transformer  or 9v. EXTERNAL battery -  (not included )  

- Aluminum alloy , handpainted and assembled

- 1’5MΩ input impedance - 20Ω output impedance

- mini format: 9’4x5’1x5’3cm // 3’7x2x2,1 inch

- weight: 180gr.

- 1 Year warranty

NOTE: This pedal has been revised and passed all quality inspections, sealed at factory, if you try to open, it will cause damage and this will void warranty.


- GAS: Adjust the sustain and compression ratio

- HAMMER DOWN: Adjust the Pick attack volume  and intensity .

- NITRO: Adjust the Master Vol. 

- You can also set the GAS AND HAMMER DOWN low and use the NITRO as a BOOSTER to crunch your amp nicely 

The Chicken Picker

You can even get that amazing Pedal steel and lapsteel tones and feel out of your guitar. It equals your strings volume and adds tons of chimmey, warmth and twangy tone and sustain for ever in a way that you've never heard before... CHECK THIS OUT !!!

Want one? send us your details and we will put your name on the "WAITING LIST" so you will get your new pedal as soon as possible, around 2-3 weeks estimated delivery at this moment, please be patience we are working hard on it . THANK YOU !