- Playing for a few minutes thru this amp gives me the answer about thinking why there's
such a huge amount of legendary bands and guitar players who did use at some point this
exact circuit. Bands like The beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks , the Yardbirds, , Brian
May of Queen), Paul Weller of The Jam, Rory Gallagher, The Edge of U2 and Radiohead
guitarists Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Ed O'Brien. Mark Knopfler, Hank Marvin, Pete
Townshend, Ritchie Blackmore, John Scofield, Snowy White, Will Sergeant, Tom Petty, Mike
Campbell, Peter Buck, Justin Hayward, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork, Noel Gallagher, Matthew
Bellamy, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Dustin Kensrue and many many others...
- This amp has that kind of "thing" that always will catch your feelings inmediatly, it always sounds
perfect, cos it's a pure CLASS-A amp, wich means that you have here the most pure tube sound
ever, full of warmth and very rich tone with a nice compression, dynamics and clarity. This amp
circuit really makes your guitar ring and TALK like no other amp does, very wanted for many
different musical styles, like blues, country, rock, pop, indy even jazz, that really tells you that
this amp is probably the best design ever made so far with no doubt.

*  You can't miss the chance
   of having at home one of the best amps ever !
* Now this is what we call "THE AMP". A real master piece, it's got everything,
   elegance and tone till the end of the universe !!!
* If you are an AC-30 fan , then you will adore this one, based in the classic
  Class-A circuit from the early 60's but very improved and with lots of amazing
  extras, tube REVERB and 2 modes vibrato-tremolo included !!!
* We dare to say proudly that this pretty "thang" sounds even better than the
  original classic ones TB, if you don't believe it , just pop round and try it out, we promise that it will blow your mind. Crystal clean tones like you never heard
  before and when you put the volume up it's got the creamiest and warmest
  overdrive ever. 

* 30w of pure valve tone Class-A
* 100% handmade with the best components ever
* Tubes: 7x12axt, 1x12at7 , 4x el-84 , 1x gz34 copper cap
* 2x12" Blue alnico speakers
* 3 channel (linkable channel with a patch jack):
   -Vibrato/tremolo Channel with 2 modes vibrato/tremolo and pedal inc.
   -Normal channel: this channel is exactly like the very first ac-30's with just 
    Volume and Cut control.
   -Bright channel: This channel is exactly like the legendary TOP BOOST, 
    with CUT tone control, Bass and Treble. This channel has also a HUGE 
    vintage surf tube reverb to make it sound totally AMAZING !!!
* You can link the 3 channels with patch cable (included) and blend them together and get vibrato, reverb and the eq plus the tone of all channels at same time !!!
* Control panel has backlights so you can see all your settings even when you are on a very dark stage.
* No fuses, it comes with automatic RESET button 
* 58 yrs old solid pine cabinet matched with oscilloscope for a perfect resonance.

* You can choose any color of tolex and grill you like 
* 2 yrs warranty !!! (except tubes )

- You can order it without reverb just like the good ole AC30TB or with 6 extra-large custom spring reverb tank with tube circuit built in, our famous SURF REVERB, this is a real DREAM reverb for surf music.


The British Booster Amp
  • The British Booster Amp

The British Booster Amp

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