Don't miss it - a truly MUST HAVE AMP !!!

 - This is the CRUNCH TONE KING - Amazing tweed sound all the way from the 50's but on steroids and LOTS OF POWER.
Pure vintage color and dynamics, it sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE in every single way. This little amp has the legendary 5E3 circuit and tone and it can sound crystal clean when you play it softly or very dirty when you play it loud, it's all about dynamics and the way you strum your guitar. Turn the tone knob down and it will clean up really nice, almost like a blackface clean but with more warmth or turn it up and it will get great amount of gain and crunch, perfect for Blues, power pop or Classic Rock. The advantage of having much more power (+40w) is that you have more range on the clean side, and more compatibility with your pedals, as many guitarists found the original  5e3 not loud enough for playing in a band, causing too much distortion and even farting and clipping. This one crunches and has an amazing distortion too when you play loud but it is much more versatile, all in the same size. Also you can swap the 6L6's tubes (40-45w) and plug 6V6's, so you can still have the original around 18w one in the same box !!! 

- This is not a 5e3 x2 is much more... as it has extra-big transformers, and a very unique circuit, you can install ANY kind of tubes (8pin) you want, including KT-88, 6550, 6l6, 6v6, kt77, el34 ETC... which means that you can get any tone and power you like out of it, for instance, if you stall a couple of 6550 tubes or KT88's you can get 90-100w out of it !!! 

- If you already have other amps at home, this little boy will make you put them down and at the end of the day this is the amp you will take to every gig, just because it is small sized, it has an amazing LOUD vintage tone that will shake the walls, not too heavy for it's power (19 kg.) , great looking and easy to use. It is an amazing choice also for recording studios as it is noiseless. A real dream amp built with super high quality components, and custom MASSIVE handmade transformers, these transformers are HUGE and the amp will run cool and fresh and it will last a lifetime with no troubles. 

- You can order it in diferent colors, narrow panel or tv panel,
even pots colour and control panel etc... i think every guitar player
should have one of these beauties.

* Handmade Beteramp custom oversized transformers by Paco Pascual
* Ceramic sockets, gold plated and the best components available
* Point to point handmade  high quality circuit turret board  
* Vintage wiring and ultra low noise ( perfect for recordings and studio work) it's noiseless.
* 1x12" Jensen Blackbird alnico 100w for an incredible big bottom and sparkle highs.
( we can also install a ceramic speaker if you 
prefer, for less crunch and more modern tone )

* 40W- Power 2x 6l6gc Groove TUBES PREMIUM , 2x 12ax7, also you can order it con 6V6 for less power or 6550 for 100w , some bass players love this amp with KT88'S cos it delivers tons of power and incredible round bass tube tone.

* Automatic Bias switch ( you won't need to re-bias when you change from hi power tubes to low power tubes for example 6L6 to 6V6 :-)
* Solid pine wood from Canada with more than 45 yrs old and
   matched with osciloscope, finished in Honey with 8 LAYERS of high quality lacquer for a stunning looking and great durability on the road. 
* Dovetailed assembly, built like a TANK inside out !
* We can guarantee that this one is the very BEST tweed deluxe you ever heard, and never will let you down, if not, we will give your money back ! 

* YOU CAN ALSO ORDER IT IN "HEAD " FORMAT, small cabinet, light weight, gorgeous looking and incredibly powerful !!!   - check the photos out :-) 



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