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  • NOW for only $3 you'll get this complete lesson, 1h:15min masterclass + free bonus backing track !!!

  • The very best " YOU MUST KNOW " chicken pickin' licks, tricks and tips for guitar.

  • 1h:15min of pure chicken pickin' and country guitar fun.

  • You will learn , chicken pickin' basic concepts, banjo rolls, open string licks, bendings behind the nut and rythm patterns.

  • Free backing track from "THE CHEEKY CHICKEN " song for you to play along.
  • You will use the material from this video for lifetime !!!
  • Instant download to your computer.
  • Please notice that this lesson not includes tabs, but every single lick has been explained really slow for you to understand how to play it, this method is even easier and better than tabs as you will play it along.
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