This amp is just  " THE Nº1 " , I've been  requested many many times for that legendary sound that only SRV did delivery to our ears back in the 80's !  There is no other amp in the shops that can give you  that amazing tone, but we just MADE IT !  The Nº1 SRV CUSTOM AMP, has got that magic, also includes some of  the famous CESAR DIAZ modifications and a few more unique features that make this amp one of the best amps ever made! It's like a good ole twin but we took it to the next level of glory... Just imagine and Old high powered Twin on steroids !!! 

- 80 W of crazy WILD tube sound , full of dynamics, punch, sustain and warmth for years...
- Custom 100 % handmade  point to point  circuit with the best components ever.
- Special chassis layout for " 0 " Hummmmm
- Custom handmade in California USA MERCURY TRANSFORMERS !
- It will work great with KT 66 , 6L6GC, 5881'S and even EL-34 , AWESOME range of possibilities ! 
- New 3 MODES Selector BLACKFACE-SILVERFACE-SRV - Amazing, you can choose between these 3 legendary amps tone circuit.
- Vibrato Switch - will give you even more gain when is switched off
- equipped with 4x 6L6 Tubes and a very selected preamp tubes to get the right tone.
- It comes with our famous SURF REVERB , the best tube reverb circuit ever made, with 6 x-long springs, deep , rich, HUGE !!! 
- Diamond glass vibrato cell , totally noiseless and full of amazing vintage tone .
- High quality 2 button Reverb and vibrato pedal included
- Cabinet made with 45 yrs old solid pine from Canada , fingerjointed and matched with osciloscope for   perfect resonance !
- Available in Head or combo 1x15" , 1x12" , 2x12" 4x10"
- Many tolex colors and grill options just ask !!!
- 2 button high quality footswitch for reverb & vibrato included

The Nº1 SRV CUSTOM AMP , sounds awesome on its own or with pedals, It is a very powerful amp, incredibly clean but when you select SRV mode the amp turns into an amazing WILD MACHINE, also you can crunch it keeping all the tone at very low volume using it's power attenuator, when you play soft the amp sounds mega-clean when you play hard and with volume the amp screams like no  other, you can't be a legendary guitarist without a lengendary tone amp , believe it or not , this is the ONE , a DREAM COME TRUE !!!  

- You can also order this amp with our handmade transformers, it is a great option if you want to still have the same awesome sound but to save a bit of $$$ in the total price, just ask.

Check out F. Bouso and his SRV Nº1 CUSTOM AMP - TASTY PLAYING RIGHT THERE !!!




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