* Specially designed and voiced for BLUES HARP 
* Super-dynamic -Easy to saturate when playing hard ,
  also sounds crystal clear when playing gently.
* LOADS of volume, punch and tone with this little amp, really a Nº1.
* With this amp you will be able to play really loud with NO FEEDBACK ! 
* Perfect for any kind of situation, studio, home, little or big stages, etc...
* Light weight 18kg considering that it has 2 speakers and 35w .
* If you are a professional harp player you need one of these beauties, there's
  nothing out there like this one, come over to our shop and try it out, you 
  will walk away with it, for sure !

- 1X10"  custom Alnico designed for Harp
- 1x12" Eminence 
- Custom designed circuit with ANTI-FEEDBACK just amazing for harp players
- Handmade point to point with high quality components
- Handwired and custom designed for harp transformers made by Paco Pascual.
- 35w switchable 20w - 7w and many tube options possibilities.
- 1x GZ-34 rectifier, 4x 6v6GT 1x 12ax7 1x 12AY7
- Custom , buttons, pilot light, Tolex and grill , many options available.
- 2 Channel linkable, with custom INPUTS specially designed for Harp
- Volume and Tone control
- Handmade Cabinet with 48 yrs old solid pine from Canada, matched with osciloscope for a perfect resonance and figer jointed for a long durability.

- Any color you like: Tolex, grill, handle...
- Now you can order it with our tube SURF REVERB as an extra mod, just ASK !
- 5 Year warranty ,except tubes .

P.S. Also you should listen to this baby with a guitar plugged in, absolutely AMAZING