Finally it’s here !!! This is a very unique super-HIGH QUALITY amp for the harmonica. It sounds absolutely AMAZING!. Easy to crunch it and very light weight, less than 13 KG. Just perfect to pick up ‘n go, traveling, studio recording, etc...This little “beast” has vintage tone for days, rich, big and loud. It’s a good anti-feedback fighter circuit and has been made with the best materials available, ready to last a lifetime ( except tubes of course ). We know it’s the best little amp for blues harp ever made.

* 20 w - 9 w depending on the tube you are running, it is a really loud amp ...
* CLASS-A single ended with a KT-88 tube, also it can use 6L6, KT-66, 6V6, EL34    ETC... Just plug & play , no extra adjustments needed
* GZ34 rectifier and  12AX7 tube on the preamp, you can swap it with other tubes for different gain .
* 2 input jack adjusted special for diferent harp mics
* Volume and Anti-Feedback tone control
* Custom Shop weber speaker alnico for harmonica 10” ,AMAZING !!!
* Handmade by Paco Pascual 3 HUGE transformers choke included
* Circuit breaker reset button, NO MORE FUSES !!!
* Point to point handmade electronics with the best components
on the market, super high quality metal film resistors, capacitors,etc...
* Extra TALL cabinet for amazing big bottom sound
* 48 years old solid pine wood from Canada matched with osciloscope
* Lots of diferent finish options available, no extra cost, you can choose 2 colors like in the photos, 1 color, wooden  look, tv front or narrow panel etc...



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