- If you are a vintage Tweed Bassman lover you will ADORE this amp, based on the classic 5F6A Bassman but with more "punch" , dynamics 
and warmth. Just think about the legendary famous ´59 tweed bassman but with new top quality fresh components and amazing military solid construction to last a lifetime. A crystal clear amp but also easy to "CRUNCH IT " this amp is all about dynamics  All the greatest guitar players own one of these beauties, it really has got a superb tone and a very unique sound that will make you MELT !

- Handmade transformers by Paco Pascual.
- Ceramic Tube sockets, high quality
caps, Orange Drop, Mallory, Silver Mica, carbon
resistors with metallic film, top quality connectors
pots, wiring and switches.
- Point to point handmade circuit.
- 45w of pure tube tone . With 2 tubes 6L6, 4 12ax7
and a rectifier gz34 
- 4 x10" custom speakers !!!
- 45 years old pine wood cabinet with birch wood front
and matched with osciloscope, dovetailed assembly
- Different finishes available , HEAD OR COMBO
please ask .

* If you are a bassman lover, you will go crazy with this one !!!

- Europe: 2450€ - Free Shipping
- U.S.A. : $2650 - Free Shipping

- Payment : Bank transfer
- Delivery estimated time: It normally takes 8-9 weeks max.
- 2 Year Warranty: except tubes.
* this price is for the 45w version 4x10", you can also order it in 60w and reverb built in, just ask !