- If you're in love with the classic 5e3 but you need double "everything"
, this is the amp for you. So easy to use with an INCREDIBLE pure
vintage tube SOUND !!! our all time best seller . Just think about ERIC CLAPTON's amp... truly a legendary sound and very easy to use, you can't
get wrong and you can't get a bad sound out of it ! 

For those who know how to get that good awesome sound out of an easy tube circuit with just 2 controls, Volume and Tone, really, apart from your hands, no more needed to reach that legendary blues tone !!!

* Specially designed for blues guitar, this one is more like a tweed 5e3 but with more watts and 2 speakers, normally we use 2x12" but it can be ordered with 2x10" or combined 1x12" and 1x10" 
* Super-dynamic -Easy to saturate when playing hard , even with
single coils ,also sounds crystal clear when playing gently.
* LOADS of volume and punch with this little amp up to 40w
* Many different tones just with one TONE knob, from Jazzy sounds
to hard rock .
* You'll never look back, guaranteed !
- 40w, switchable to 18 w, amazing power versatility !!!
- Handmade by Paco Pascual transformers, big irons for a huge round low end and dynamics .
- Ceramic Tube sockets, high quality caps, Orange Drop, Mallory, Silver Mica
resistors with metallic film,top quality connectors, pots and switches.
- Point to point handmade circuit.
- It comes  with 4 tubes 6v6 Gt , 2x 12ax7b
and a rectifier gz34 for a great natural compression. 

- Automatic BIAS switch, you can swap power tubes easily without any adjustment
- 2 x12" custom speakers, OH YEAH !!!
- Solid pine 45 yrs old wood cabinet with birch front and
dovetailed assembly, matched with osciloscope for a perfect resonance.
- Many different finishes available, please ask
- NOW you can add our legendary tube SURF REVERB just ask ! 


- Europe: 2150€ -FREE shipping
- U.S.A. : $2300 -FREE shipping

- Payment : Bank transfer when you place the order
- Estimated delivery: It normally takes 8-9 weeks max 
- 2 Year Warranty: Except tubes.