After many many many years being a N1 Fan and good friend of the guitar legend ARLEN ROTH, I learnt so much from his playing (we all did with his famous HOT LICKS VIDEOS ) ,and always amazed me the sound that comes out of his hands. So I decided to design the PERFECT amp for his style, when I brought it to his house in NY he was amazed, we did compared side by side with his other vintage favourite amps and the Beteramp was sounding way better, bigger, warmer, louder and with more tone than any other. 

 This amp has been designed especially for classic players who like to play BLUES, but also it can be very clean, truly Crystal Clear, as much or even more pure than a Twin Amp, probably the purest guitar sound you've ever heard, and you will have to play really well when plugged into this one cos it will capture every single little move you do and this amp just SAYS THE TRUTH about your playing ;-) !!!  

Tons of sustain, Loud as a Twin Amp, warmth and dynamics for days like a tweed, amazing unique Crunch and Clean, small size, not too heavy for his wattage (around 20kg) , easy to use, only VOLUME & TONE - REVERB knobs, and beautiful classic tweed looking design, totally handmade with the best components and materials out there. 

Also it has an amazing all tube REVERB circuit built in, that you can use it to get more Blackface style sounds or you can totally by-pass it with the switch to get the most pure guitar sound you've ever heard.

This amp is perfect if you like to play straight in with no pedals in between, put your guitar volume down a bit it will sound crystal CLEAN, turn your guitar vol pot up and it will crunch so nicely !  Also is a fantastic amp to be used with pedals as it has plenty of power and plenty of CLEAN headroom.


Perfect for studio, little or big stages, as you can use all kind of tubes to handle different power, from 6v6's to 6550 and everything in between ( 6L6, EL-34 - 5881 - KT88 Etc ) so you can get from 15w up to 90w . We make and love this amp with the 6550's tubes to get the best and most powerful sound out of it. But we can send it to you with any other tubes you like incase you preffer less power. 


WE ONLY WILL MAKE UP TO 100 ARLEN ROTH AMPS - Don't miss the opportunity of having one of these amazing and unique sounding amps, it sure will become your favourite amp ever...


+ All the profit we will get out of these Limited Edition will be 100% destinated to produce next Arlen Roth's tour in Europe, all about passion for good music, let's keep it alive, thank you for your support !!! 


Main SPECS: 
- 90w of pure TUBE POWER, with 2x 6550's and 4x 12ax7 high grade tubes.
- You can use 6V6'S tubes incase you want to have the original Tweed deluxe sound and power style amp, around 15w with no adjustments needed, just switch it between 6550's/kt88's - 6L6/EL-34'S OR 6V6'S 
- point to point hand wired board with the best matched components available
- SUPER SIZED high quality handmade by Paco Pascual transformers for a superb sound, HUGE HEADROOM y they will run cold even when you push it hard. 
- It comes with a REVERB CIRCUIT BY-PASS SWITCH, incase you don't want to use the reverb, you can bypass the entire tube reverb circuit and use it basic as originally and get even more PURE TONE ! 
- 100% tube reverb built in with an extra -long custom made reverb tank, fantastic pure vintage deep reverb sound
- Customized ARLEN ROTH panel and quality Brass Logos
- 12" eminence speaker 120w , perfect to give MASSIVE BIG sound , round solid Bass, and sparkle highs with tons of definition, it compensates the small size cabinet and makes the amp sound SO BIG 
- 20 kg weight (44 lbs aprox)
- custom Arlen Roth dust cover.
- 45 yrs old Solid pine wood 5e3 Tweed deluxe style cabinet matched with oscilloscope for perfect resonance.
- High quality 6 layers lacquered Tweed cover.

Recorded with just an iPhone, Arlen is playing the Nachocaster Tele plugged into his new Beteramp but I had to get by with the '55 Gibson plugged into a vintage Ampeg Reverb Rocket amp hehe.... Only a little jam with the amazing Arlen Roth , I LOVE THIS MAN, you know, one of these little moments when life is being good to you and you can't stop smiling, that's all about folks

No pedals added, guitar plugged direct into the amp :-)