* BETERAMP, is a small company born in the beautiful town of Betera, Spain  (that's why the company's name),  and moved legaly to London,UK, since it took off properly. It was personally created by Paco Pascual, a musician, sound engineer, electronics engineer and software developer. The main purpose of starting the company was to
build the best quality amps ever made for a price that all musicians can afford
comfortably. We are using the highest quality materials from all over the world
to build our amps. After more than 10 years in bussiness, we are proud to say that our amps are being sold worldwide and used for many well known and recognized professional musicians. We design the unique custom circuits which make the BETERAMPS stand out from all other amp companies. We also build the famous classic amps from the past, like the well known 5E3, for example, and improving them with our first class materials and mods. We can create the amp of your dreams in our CUSTOM SHOP, just tell us the sound you're looking for and the look you want, you'll be amazed !!!

BETERAMP also repairs and modifies any type of amp or speaker. BETERAMP
offers a professional and personal service to all our clients worldwide.

There are many great electronic engineers specialising in tubes and vintage amps, but not too many of them have more than 30 years experience as a professional musician both on the stage and in recording studios

We only speak musician's language !!!