This is a truly AMAZING amp, so unique, check it out !

Having fun with the flaming tele and a very unique Beteramp !

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Download the biggest tube amp schematic, layouts and diagrams book on the planet, download it once an it will play in all your apple devices. Don't miss it if you are a tube amp lover.

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Attention amp technicians and tube freaks, here we go guys - Download now the world's famous TUBE BIAS CALCULATOR !


COWBOY RADIO app- Voted Nº1 country music app in the USA store, the only app that converts digital to warm analog sound and it makes the songs sound so real, almost like the good 'ole records, 10 channels with all kind of country music you could ever imagine, AMAZING.


Developed with accuracy for all my friends and guitar pickup builders/freaks around the globe hahaha. This is a calculator that tells you exactly all the specs you need to know about building your own guitar pickup, it comes even with some presets of the most famous pickups on the market. If you like to build, repair or experimenting with guitar pickups, this is a must have app.


Are you a BEATLES FAN? then you need this app, all the beatles music you could ever imagine, rare recordings, live concerts, interviews, etc... 24/7 non stop BEATLES music in your pocket, absolutely a mind blowing app.


Now free access to loads of great licks & tricks, video lessons, free tracks and videos, etc... don't miss it !

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